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Tele Medicine
Posted on: March 22, 2020

Why choose the direct primary care model?

What is direct primary care? Why would you change to this model from a traditional primary care office? Direct Primary Care and Concierge medicine are not the same. There are two main distinctions. One is the annual fee for concierge practices is typically over $2500. Direct Primary Care memberships vary across the nation, but at Valley Direct Primary Care, they are $1068/yr.

The second difference is that concierge practices collect a copay AND bill your insurance at each visit in addition to the annual retainer fee. In contrast, an active DPC practice member pays no office copay and we do not bill insurance. DPC practices have concierge level service at a much lower price, making it a perfect choice whether you have no insurance or great employer sponsored health insurance.

Do you take patients with Medicare?

Yes. However, I contract directly with patients for my services, thus the monthly membership fee cannot be submitted to Medicare for reimbursement. Labs, imaging, procedures, and referrals can all be processed through Medicare.

DPC would be a great solution for you. I provide low cost primary care that will be able to treat most of your health care needs. You do not need health insurance to be a patient of mine. Keep in mind DPC membership alone does not satisfy the Affordable Care Act mandate. At the end of the year you may be subject to a tax fine if you don’t carry health insurance.

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